Reaching Out #Support

Updates since my last post:

  • I am officially SAG eligible- whoot whoot!
  • I recorded super fun voice over radio gig
  • I started training myself for a 5K I’m running with my mom upon my return to Texas.
  • I’m officially a Company Member of Ruckus Rockwell!

Nearing the end of my ninth month in NYC, I can surely say that I have found truth in the old saying, “it’s not what you know, but who you know!”. Now, of course, we know it’s easy to find success when our parents are famous or we grew up around folks who have now made names for themselves. I’m not blessed to know anyone with high rankings at any industry related office, but I am blessed to have such a supportive squad on my side! The former may get me in the fast track to getting gigs and work but the latter gets me through my day to day! Being from Texas, I get home sick OFTEN and social media is becoming a greater presence in my life to feel connected to those back home. Using the internet to spread and receive positive words, strong encouragement, and even job referrals is absolutely the way to go!

If you recall that Voice Over gig I found through Actor’s Access- when I posted about this fun and great experience on Facebook, a friend of mine from university hit me up about another voice over gig and sent my number to the talent recruiter like almost immediately! By that afternoon I had been contacted and by a day later I had booked the gig. WOW! I cannot say thanks to Brooke Arnold enough for hooking me up with such an exciting job! Huge Shout out to Brooke who is an educator and comedienne here in New York! This gig was a TON of fun! Ya know, I’m not going to say it’s easy living on my own nor is it easy to live in NYC but dangit if you have the right people looking out for you, you can grind and find work ANYWHERE!!!


…cookies or $$$ or reel shots or any food basically…

It was also this initial voice over project that allowed me to gain my SAG eligibility. It was in a SAG-AFTRA New Media Agreement meaning principal role actors, like myself, get Taft-Hartley’d and eligible to join the union! So this was VERY confusing for me at first but I was able to call on down to the SAG office here in NY and they were so knowledgeable and kind with answering my inquiries. I also found a couple places online with information satisfying many of my questions, so feel free to check them out if you’re wondering! Basically to join SAG you need three vouchers from really great background work or one principal gig in a union project. I posted about this grandfantabulous milestone on Facebook and asked for feedback. My uncle, Sincee, who is SAG had some great words of wisdom and actually was the first to advise me to call the office. My other friends chipped in not only words of encouragement but advice based on their experiences of choosing to go union (the protection of the union, higher rates, ~~generally~~ higher quality gigs) or staying non-union (higher quantity of gigs, more work availability, no membership fee, waiting to build a bigger name for them self). I was so grateful for the feedback!

I leave the city in a couple days and will be in Texas for 3 weeks! I’m just too excited! Even with social media, I have had to deal with a couple things here that have made it so hard to go day by day without being in the presence of my family and friends back home. Luckily this homesickness is coming at the same time that my beautiful, talented, intelligent little sis, Jessica, is graduating from university so my parents funded the plane ticket! We are all SO proud of her and I CAN’T WAIT to go back home, be with fam, and cheer/cry ridiculously as I watch her saunter across the stage. I will be missing a lot of opportunity for work but this is one of those times I’ll take the hit and just keep goin- right on to Texas! I’m going to eat real Tex-Mex from Chuy’s, Snack on Whataburger and Chik-fil-a, and sit back with my beautiful doggy, Snobear! My mom also asked that I run a 5K with her my first weekend back. We ran this together last year, but we had also trained in a couch-to-5k type program. This time, it’s just me running ((almost)) everyday for two weeks in order to prepare. My pace is a bit faster than last year but I cannot handle the inclines here! It’s really messing with my time! When I have the opportunity to run on flat lands I get much less tired and breathy- thankfully that’s more similar to the terrain in Htown!!!

Tips Before I Go

Remember people are in your lives for a reason. If someone is worth your time, keep in touch with them. You’ll be sad you hadn’t later on!!! ** Use your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and blog to not only advertise yourself as a performer but also to reach out to others in the biz! I generally don’t think of my sharing news as bragging but really I want to share my experiences, hear feedback, and perhaps think up ways to create with others! ** I once met a plus size model/actress/speaker at a shoot and we exchanged information. I hit her up whenever I come across a gig that’d be good for her, and she does the same for me. When I come across Breakdowns on Actor’s Access that are in the Austin area, I am sure to pass them along to my actress friends there! Make sure you help others like you are being helped here in the city! We’d be nowhere without the support we give and receive! ** Don’t stay to yourself, go out, join a group of performers, meet people with similar or even different interests! Network/Connect/Build/Create! Find people you used to know who now live here, and hit them up!!! ** Even though it feels like it sometimes, remember we are not islands and we don’t live in vacuums!

God bless && Shine on!


Clips of my work onstage:

My TV Debut, Animal Planet’s Monsters Inside Me Episode 508:




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